Thursday, November 3, 2016

Getting Past Halloween

Autumn has come with it's colorful leaves. Many of my friends are in the autumn of life, but still going, for the life in them is everlasting and our hope in Jesus is sure.

Some people go all out to celebrate Halloween. I think that many of these have fond childhood memories of make believe, dressing up and bags of free candy. Why be afraid of Halloween spirits?  See? ghosts are smiling friendly Caspers. It is fun to not be afraid of bad things...I remember my friend's mom when I was a youngster. She loved life and was always doing fun things, like popping colored popcorn. Haloween to many has a wonder, like the wizard of Oz. Just a make believe kind of world with a friendly old man behind the curtain. We know there is also a dark side to Halloween and I am glad that it is past.

Fall is leaves that fall, everywhere, like confetti at a parade of heroes. To walk among the leaves makes us feel like heroes, special to be alive at this time.

I almost walked past this Rosemary shrub. I have one at home, but it never has bloomed like this one. The dime sized blooms are quite lovely. Thank you Lord.

The first pecans are beginning to drop. I expect a good crop this year from our giant pecan tree.

Is it time to pick persimmons already?
 Yes, the tree is full and one was ripened on the tree. The birds eat the soft ripe ones. Seems like everyone has persimmons this time of the year. It is a fruit that you love or hate; their is no inbetween it seems. They can be dried in slices or the juicy slimy pulp eaten for breakfast. It has a sweet flavor and they make excellent cookies.

Halloween is past and soon Autumn will be past. Another hurdle to jump is the presidential election. Pray and look to Jesus. Stems in the corner of this picture form a cross. We will cross election day and in Jesus we will make it through the finish line. Life is good so we look at the good things, making a difference and touching lives.


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