Monday, February 15, 2016

Tools of Life

The flowering Quince is one of the first signs of the coming of spring. Our walk begins with this warm pink flower and ends with an even deeper colored sunset. What comes from new life will eventually end in the sunset of our life. What we do in between is what defines our life. I will let you find the scriptures for this walk.

I always enjoy a good tool. For me a camera is a tool in my hand to capture a vision, to slow it down, to arrest it for further observation and thought. These Pussy Willow buds are an early sign of new life, a new beginning. 

Life gives us paths that we chose to travel on,  but what of those who are struggling with this life?

Sometimes obstacles get in our way. We may not choose these, but they come. Whether it is financial, health problems or a loss of something or someone that leaves us needing help and guidance.

 Where is that straight path that God has for us?

I saw this man sitting by the river. The river flows, always changing. Life is like a river, it flows along. Are we floating downstream? Or do we need to change direction? We need to see clearly to make a change. Sometimes we must see with eyes of faith, trusting God.

It is Sunday, a warm day, and many people were at the park. It can get too crowded for a wounded goose. Randy is found away from the pond on the river side where no people gather. Our LORD cares for Randy, he keeps him going and the LORD keeps us going. We do not give up for we are in his hand.

On the way to evening church I had to stop to get a picture of the sunset. Often the most meaningful things are on the way to something. I like a good tool in my hand. It once was a hammer, now a camera or a horn. Tools to use to define and express our life. May we glorify the LORD in this life and be with him forever.


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